These Are Some Of Your Stories ❤️

These Are Some Of Your Stories ❤️

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Recently we asked you guys if you had any amazing TradeMutt stories to share, and you guys did not disappoint.

Do you have your own story to share? Send them through to Rach in customer service and we might share it and even put it in the next Yarn.

Here are just some of our favourites:

From David:

I was presenting in a remote area of South Australia - Roxby Downs, and I was telling people that there are services that they can use to get instant support for Mental Health Issues.

One of the attendees stood up and said rubbish, please don't lie to me, I have issues and I have no help as there is none available, it is insulting for you to say there is.

After we had settled the situation down a bit, I repeated that I could give them several options to get help today, and they demanded I do it, so I did.

They looked at the list (of which your number is one part) and stormed out of the presentation and one of our team went with them, and they started a phone call.

After 10 minutes they came back and said stop the session, I want to address everyone, We did and asked them what had happened, they said they were having trouble believing what had happened -

They went out and called TIACS - and were able to speak to someone almost straight away and it was FREE, and they felt better just knowing this worked, and would use the number again tomorrow.

They apologised and advised everyone that the help is there if they need it!

We know this person has used the service again and has told us it has been fantastic!

From Adam:

I attended a Leadership Meeting in Melbourne with 100 of our company’s top employees from around the country. They are usually pretty stuffy with everyone from Victoria wearing dark suits, ties, etc. I thought I would mix things up and wear my Spun Out Half Button to add some colour.

Well, it certainly got plenty of attention and started many conversations mainly about what TradeMutt is because many in the room had never heard of “The Cause”.

The best comment of the day came from the chairman of the board, who was walking behind me to lunch… he commented “its not much of a conversation starter” obviously after reading the tag line on the back of the shirt. I stopped, turned around, and asked him “if I wasn’t wearing this shirt, would you have even spoken to me?”

His look of surprise said everything when he realised the shirt had caused him to start a conversation with me and we spent the next 15 minutes in deep conversation about TradeMutt, TIACS, and what it’s all about. He was sold on the entire concept after that single conversation – to me, that’s exactly what it’s all about… raising awareness and starting conversations !!

From Talitha:

My best TradeMutt story is simply bumping into people who are dressed just like ME on a Friday afternoon. I recently bumped into a fella at my local Woolworths and we were both representing the Party Animals high vis top! We had a laugh and were able to instantly get chatting. We talked about what we do for a living and how the people we work with also get amongst Funky Shirt Friday. Of course we talked about our favourite prints too! I love what a community this brand has been able to form and I look forward to seeing all the fun prints on Fridays. Big love.