Letter From The Boys

Letter From The Boys

G'day Legends,

Well it's been a red hot minute since we've put pen to paper but for the two of us, a spare minute has been hard to come by in recent times. As we manage the continued growth of both TradeMutt and TIACS, it's been quite the juggling act to prioritise time, but born out of this challenge had come a real focus and on understanding what is most important to prioritise and what activities we can put on the back burner. One thing we know for sure, is the unwavering devotion and commitment from our much loved and supportive community that allows us to have a real crack at creating tangible and long lasting change when it comes to the mental health of blue collared workers.

So, what wins, lessons, challenges or otherwise have we been experiencing lately?

  1. Warehouse Sale - Our pre Christmas warehouse sale went off without a hitch and provided yet another awesome opportunity for the TradeMutt team to meet and greet some of the legendary mutters who came out for a bargain. The only thing that didn’t go off that day were the snags - it seems everyone was hungry for a bargain, not so much a sausage in bread. Shock and horror! 
  1. Launch of our Traditional Range - This was a huge moment for us. Perfect for the undercover mutter, the release of our traditional range indicates our intention for the future, to lean into the fact that we are a social impact workwear company. Whether it’s loud and conversation starting or more traditional with subtle hints of TradeMutt, we’re making purchasing workwear easy, and mental health support free. To deck your team out, line up a call with Ed or Donna today by emailing sales@trademutt.com
  1. TIACS Alliance - With TradeMutt’s commitment to funding free mental health support, Ed and I devised a funding model to ensure the sustainability and growth of TIACS by inviting like minded businesses to follow TradeMutt’s lead and adopt a profit for purpose business model as well. TradeMutt is now a top tier TIACS Alliance member funding one full time mental health clinician for tradies, truckies, rural and blue collared workers. Find out more by heading here (https://www.tiacs.org/alliance
  1. Supply Chain Squeeze - We’ve all been feeling this one. One of the challenges of scaling a start-up business right now is the fact that times are difficult and curveballs are thrown regularly. As always, we thank our incredible community for the support you continue to show. And remember, if we can ever help you with anything at all, our incredible customer success manager Donna is only a phone call away on 0447 432 070.
  1. TIACS Story - Recently, the TIACS team was referred a client from Victoria who has commenced end of life care with a terminal illness. This individual has been bounced around from service to service, with no one feeling they could provide adequate support. Upon consultation with myself and Ed by the TIACS team, we determined that it was our duty to do whatever could for this individual with the approach that, if we can, we must. Although not a tradie nor a blue collar worker, the support from our community has allowed the TIACS team to provide care for an individual in the most vulnerable and sensitive stage of their life. To the amazing TradeMutt community, you have made a real difference.
We look forward to keeping everyone up to speed with the inner workings of life at TradeMutt, and of course, if you have an impactful story or a memorable moment in a TradeMutt shirt, send us your story. Just make sure it’s nice and punchy and no more than 150 words, if you can help it.
Much love,
Dan (and Ed) 

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