Warehouse move

Warehouse move

By Ed Ross

We just made a really big change here at TradeMutt. Since 2020 we have been making additional social change through our 3rd Party Logistics partner SendAble. With that commitment we have been able to create over 30k hours of disability employment. An incredible achievement and one that we are immensely proud of! However since 2020 our business has transformed tremendously. Our offering has expanded to wholesale, B2B, custom and even embroidery. With that change we have had to make to move back to warehousing and managing our own stock at our new wiz bang warehouse and office space. The team put in over 3 months of onboarding with our warehouse management system and have decked out a brand spanking warehouse to now house and dispatch all your favorite TradeMutt products.

Our ex Customer Success team member Chon has stepped up into the Warehouse Managment role and is ironing out al the creases to insure that the customer experience for all TradeMutt supporters is a seamless and enjoyable one. We are committed to ensuring you, the customer is our top priority and that you get the best customer service available.

As we continue to grow we will continue to innovate and issuer that our dispatch capabilities grow with it. We are continually looking for ways to improve speed of dispatch and transparency around order status. Also we are driven to insure correct stock quantities are represented on our website so that what you order is delivered without delay. That is something that we have wanted to improve for some time.

Also we are often looking for casual warehouse staff to help during peak periods. If you are keen to fling some TradeMutt kit from the warehouse and earn some side coin, please reach out to us at hello@trademutt.com with your details!

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